Winstore 3DK2: Ahead of the Technology Game

Mike, our Vice President of Operations, is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology;  it's what he loves, and boy did he find it in the Winstore 3DK2. It's truly the king of all stocking systems - and it’s all ours. It makes a huge difference, both for us and our clients.

Simply put, the Winstore 3DK2 is a stocking system. It moves boards around. That may not sound exciting at first, but believe us, it is. Just walk into our warehouse and you’ll see. This machine takes up 4500 square feet of space and can be programmed in advance so that all the supplies needed for a job are ready and waiting for the machine operators when they arrive at work. No more interrupting machine operations to get more boards. No time spent loading up the forklift and driving it over to the machine. It’s all there, ready and waiting.

Winstore 3DK2 in warehouse

It helps with inventory control, too. The Winstore keeps track so we always know exactly which materials we have on hand. And there are a lot of materials stored in this machine. Up to seven feet high of them. And it can hold up to 5,000 sheets, depending on the thickness of the material. It can hold up to 50 different flavor types, like types, sizes, and colors. Whatever your project needs, the Winstore either has in its storage or can hold it.

The Winstore works while we’re sleeping. That’s right. When the night shift goes home for some shut-eye, the Winstore stays up all night, organizing and preparing for the morning shift. And when they arrive for work, they head straight to the machines with no time spent organizing, loading, and moving materials. With so much less time and money spent on employees moving and sorting materials, our clients save money.

We can’t wait to see what Mike has in store for us this year. He’s always on the lookout for technology that will make us faster and better. Whether we are replacing and upgrading machines or adding something new, Mike keeps us ahead of the game.

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