Randal Retail Group's Three Secrets to Customer Success

It always surprises us when customers thank us for being on time. Yet it happens again and again. Our experience, process, and honesty help us achieve 99.9% on-time delivery.

Randal Retail's team commitment to on-time delivery has been ingrained in our culture since 1981, when Founder Phil Randazzo worked with his first client. The Randal Retail team will always arrive on time with everything ordered and installed right the first time.  We're invested in your company’s success. 

On-time Delivery

Experience, process, and honesty help us achieve 99.9% on-time delivery:

  • Since we’ve been doing this for over 35 years, we know how much time every part of the process takes, from design to ordering materials to packing.

  • We have the tech to back it up. Our well-developed automation and scheduling processes are so specific and detailed that we know the exact date each process is scheduled for, from lamination to hardware to shipping.

  • We’ll be straight with you. We would rather walk away than promise unrealistic timing just to get the job. You can depend on the accuracy of the timing, we promise.

Contractors who haven’t worked with us before often provide store-opening dates that are far in advance of the true date. Frequent late deliveries from other vendors have created the need for contractors to pad dates to ensure that stores open on time.

After they’ve worked with Randal Retail once or twice, they stop padding. They learn from experience that when we say when we mean when.

Complete Shipments

A complete shipment is just as important as an on-time shipment. Missing pieces create delays.

Our quality control process ensures that everything you need arrives together, is easy to locate, and will work perfectly.

  • At least two Randal Retail team members review orders and drawings to ensure project completion 

  • Even if Randal has filled this order multiple times, the quality review process remains the same. We dry-fit in-shop, so we can be sure all the pieces are the right size and fit together properly, catching and resolving any issues before shipment.

  • Our packing list is so detailed that we know the exact location of each item. And we’re not just talking which truck. We know which pallet. We can even tell you the items surrounding each piece, which helps locate pieces quickly and easily.

Return Trip Prevention

When your contractor runs through a punch list, they’ll glide past the Randal Retail section. How?

Because we run through our own punch list before we leave, identifying and resolving any issues that would turn up on a contractor or architect’s punch list.

Your personal Randal Retail project manager creates a customized list just for your project, and your team signs off on it before Randal leaves your store.

A national fitness company that is a Randal Retail clients says, 'if Randal's on it, we don't have to worry. We can focus on the other tasks involved with the opening."

To be as invested in your store’s success as you are, we know we need to be on time with complete shipments and prevent return trips.  And that’s easy for us because we’ve been doing it since 1981. It’s what we do and who we are.

Find out how you can save time and money with the Randal Program.

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