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As you can see, we have a new website. We’ve been busy upgrading our entryway, so to speak, and we’d like to take a few minutes to tell you why, and more importantly, what that means for you.

Our business is helping other businesses give a great first impression. That’s what our solutions provide, along with streamlining the purchasing process, optimizing the point-of-sale, and making the customer experience as good as possible, whether it’s someone buying a new phone or picking up a food order that’s just been phoned in.

As we started to think about it, we realized our own, personal digital presence needed to represent the same types of experiences we create for our customers and our customers’ customers. We realized we needed a digital makeover.

The new Randal website is a reflection of what we do. You’ll see a greater emphasis on educating our customers on the current trends in retail spaces, as well as highlighting many of our innovative projects with some of our amazing customers. Using our website should be a fun, informative, easy-to-navigate experience, just like the solutions we create.

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“Our goal was always to be educational with everything on our site,” says VP of Sales and Marketing, Chuck Bray. “We want to make sure people realize we’re a trusted partner and an expert in what we do, and we want to educate on what’s going on in the world.”

One thing that’s certainly changed the game in the retail space is the current COVID-19 pandemic, and in part, because they’re better positioned with innovative points-of-contact, many of Randal’s customers are having record-breaking years.

“Safety, spacing, and how to address it are playing big roles. Traditional checkout has changed and is moving toward pods. Staff members are utilizing mobile POS. Things are changing, but the bottom line is we’ve learned a lot over the years that can help. We’re really good at getting creative with materials and coming up with long-term solutions that can have huge impacts for our customers’ businesses.”

We want to make sure we’re speaking directly to your concerns.

As part of our education process, we plan to produce content that can help educate our customers on the current trends, the latest in equipment innovations, and to even help you answer some of your post-purchase questions. That being said, we only want you to see the subjects that matter the most.

Please take 30 seconds to click the image below and let us know what you want to see. If you’re in the foodservice industry, for example, you probably don’t care too much about how to set up your cell phone store to optimize sales, and vice versa. By helping us out below, we’ll make sure to keep your content to the stuff that’s relevant.

Let's design your Randal Retail experience together. Click the image below to tell us a bit about yourself.

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