Four Trends to Ride the Retail Construction Wave

As construction begins to pick back up after the past year, retail trends will separate those who are on listening to what customers are looking for from those retailers who remain stagnant. Here are four things that we are seeing that can help keep your business on trend and in the know.  

Going Green

Green Roof

While being green isn’t new to the retail world, more consumers not only expect but appreciate and reward retailers who include green initiatives in their construction efforts. Trends in green measures include considering sustainability in design and construction, designing for limited requirements for air-conditioning and planning for use of highly efficient lighting, smart parking, green roofs, and water-saving landscapes.

Incorporating Nature

Outdoor dining

Consumers have many options when it comes to choosing where to shop. Differentiating the shopping experience is one way to attract their attention. One trend that continues to attract consumers is designing spaces that merge nature into the shopping environment with features like outdoor dining, water features, and unique, lavish landscaping.

Engaging Creativity

Female shoppers

Another trend expected to lead retailers to success is customization. Rather than trying to recreate the environments of retailers at the head of the pack, the trend is to be creative and turn the uniqueness of each particular environment into something special and exclusive that draws shoppers and their dollars to the shopping area.

Choosing Locations Wisely

Ft. Lauderdale

Unfortunately, as usual, growth is not expected to blanket the nation equally across all cities. Some cities will likely continue to struggle while cities with higher household incomes like Austin, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angles, and San Jose will likely be home to many retail success stories.

Whether it’s with lighting, tech, or mixed materials,  connecting is at the heart of trends in retail design. Let Randal Retail Group help give your customers an in-store experience they won't forget. 


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