Randal Retail Group Celebrates Our 40th Anniversary


Change is a common theme that we will be focusing on throughout 2021, yet we also recognize and appreciate our history and what it has evolved into that makes up the Randal Retail Group of today. And there isn't a better time to acknowledge our storied past than this year, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in business!

That's right; our family-owned and operated business has been going since M*A*S*H was still on television! We’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane as we reminisce and plan for an exciting future, together.


Built by Passion


40 years is a significant milestone. Phil Randazzo started Randal Retail Group in 1981, out of sheer passion. He came out of retirement because he yearned to turn that passion into a successful company that would support his growing family.

The primary business that Randal served was building magazine racks. Stores like Waldenbooks were in every booming mall across the globe. Grocery stores had multiple dedicated aisles to magazines and books. It was a great time for the printed word, and Randal quickly became known for our stunning craftsmanship, dedication to the project, stellar customer service, and (primarily) our expertise in design and manufacturing.

All in the Family

Randal Retail Group has always relied on family to help us grow. Phil’s daughter Thea joined the company in 1988 and his son Chris joined shortly after in 1990. Both are still with the company to this day. Sadly, Phil passed away in 1990, but his legacy lives on in his children and other family members. Our company is proud that Phil's grandchildren now work at Randal. We love that this third generation of the Randazzo family is working for the company. It's been a privilege watching them grown up and fit into the company as they enter the workforce.

The Evolution of Retail

As one can imagine, the retail experience has changed quite a bit since the 80s. Some bookstores have been replaced by online retail suppliers or e-book alternatives. Magazines have a higher digital presence than print. But during this time, Randal Retail Group has adapted to grow into many other industries and retail segments that are growing and expanding, such as health and wellness, electronic stores, restaurants, specialty retail, and even automotive.

The retail experience isn't obsolete and is changing quickly every day to combat new challenges that arise. Randal Retail Group has been right there, embracing the change, and customizing retail solutions over the past 40 years. We've also grown ourselves by making investments in technology,  hiring capable and knowledgeable team members to support and implement our growth,  and becoming specialized more within the industry. Recently we announced our dedication to focus on a stronger educational web presence and updated our website to fit the current trends and be a step ahead to know what our customers of past and present are ultimately searching for.

This reflection into our past brings excitement for the future. Our core values remain the same as they were 40 years ago, and we can't wait to bring that same dedication to projects going forward for the next 40+ years. 

What are you passionate about? Tell us a bit about yourself so we can bring you relevant information for the industry that pertains directly to you.

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