Getting Your Project Open on Time Can Depend on a Saw (Really!)

We hope you've seen the introduction to our new website and our revamped digital presence.  We're committed to staying ahead with technology and innovation, and educational content is certainly part of that equation. It's not the only part, though.

Just as we've been upgrading our digital space, we've also made serious upgrades to our production capabilities. With the purchase of a new saw and upgrade of our Winstore, we can ensure better, faster, and cheaper outcome for your project.

New Saw 2

What is a CNC saw?

A computer numerical control router (CNC) saw, like all our CNC equipment, uses computers to direct the path of the cut, reducing error rate, and giving our customers a more exact fit. 

Randal purchased a CNC wood panel saw from Biesse. Made in Italy, these state-of-the-art saws allow us to better integrate the latest technologies into our production processes, saving costs to our customers.

So what does a Biesse CNC saw mean for our customers? It's like buying a new car. Our customers can expect the most efficient and accurate production, meaning units will be produced faster and more efficiently with less waste. The cost of materials is out of our hands, but how we cut and process those materials is something we can control. This leads to faster production and savings for our customers.

New Saw 5

Take a look at the upgrade and how it feeds our new saw, as well as our routers.


With our new CNC Biesse saw, we make better use of materials, we make our solutions faster and more accurate, and we have a new, cool piece of equipment in our manufacturing facility. Our customers get better quality in a shorter period of time without any additional costs.

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