Putting Your Electronics Store On Display

American’s fascination with their electronics continues to grow every year. And their desire to have the newest products means that they’ll go into electronics, cable, and cell phone stores more often to upgrade their devices.

With consumers indicating that they are upgrading phones every three years and their laptops about every four years, it’s important to be sure your store and retail displays are up to date. Here are a few things that can help encourage customers to make their purchases with your business.

Have Clear Signage

Recent surveys by Valassis Research found that 63% of electronic shoppers are looking for specific information and signage that will guide them to the product they’re looking to purchase. Providing clear signage throughout your store will help accomplish this. Make sure that the fonts are large enough and clear enough to view from across the store. Have promotional signs advertising your latest sales. Even having directional signage can help flow through your store in a way that will lead them to complete their selections how you’d like.

Maintain Attractive Displays

In today’s electronic retail space, the senses of sound and touch are the senses that are most important in enticing potential customers. Making sure that your displays and waiting areas should have your best and most advanced services out for viewing and testing. Displays should also be educating consumers about the products, much like a personal shopper would. Learn more about how Randal helped a national client convert some of its stores into well throughout interactive retail spaces in our electronics case study


Encourage Impulse Buying

Purchasing a laptop cover, a cell phone grip, or a charging cord is something that customers generally do when buying their electronics. In fact, the electronics accessories industry is expected to grow to over $74 billion dollars within the next few years. Making sure that your store’s accessories are prominently displayed by the electronics they pair with and at the register can help increase store sales. Having a POS display area that is well marked, easy to browse and accessorized can help.

We'd love to know more about your electronics, cell phone and cable business style and display needs. Please take a moment to tell us a bit about yourself so we can customize the content you see going forward.

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