How Do You Define Convenience in Retail?

We've all seen reports of what the "new normal" will be. As workers are emerging from their home offices and putting on real pants with buttons and belts for the first time in two years, the world is adapting and changing with them.

For many typical office buildings, this means preparing for the return of the workforce. It means considering facelifts and adaptations to welcome people back, making operations easier for both staff and customers. For other businesses, it means a continuation of remote and work-from-home options. No matter how a business moves forward, though, it's important to underscore the value of convenience, and the retail industry is evolving to make sure the convenience it provides is the convenience that customers and staff expect.

What Remote Work Means for Retail

A study by Standford of 16,000 workers over nine months found that working from home increases productivity by 13%. Many other studies exist that tout the benefits of having employees remain working from their home offices, such as increased productivity (up to 77% more effective, actually) and overall happiness. Workplaces that don't have the capacity or desire to offer 100% work-from-home capabilities are now looking at offering hybrid models where workers can come and go from the office on set days depending on their schedule. 

What does the workforce environment have to do with the future of retail, though? One word: convenience. Take a look at this commercial first aired during the big game, done by Uber Eats:


Convenience for Retail

We've spoken at length about what's changed in a mall environment. Other retail industries are learning to adapt, as well. When workers aren't commuting to and from an office environment, they're less likely to swing by the local grocery store on their way home. The "pandemic boom" for grocery stores is over, but meanwhile, delivery companies like Uber Eats and Doordash have steadily increased their profits and continue to trend upward, even post-pandemic. Much of that is simply attributed to convenience. Why go out of your way to head over to the grocery store for dinner and diapers when you can easily order it from the comfort of your own home, and in the middle of your workday? 

Or, rather than having your groceries and toiletries delivered straight to your door, many retailers are instead choosing their new locations strategically. In Chicago, chains like Foxtrot are opening up new stores with strategy in mind first and foremost. This one-stop-shop truly has it all, from groceries to great coffee, and an A+ menu of food that can be easily taken to-go, and enjoyed with friends and family, without looking like "typical" grocery store menu offerings. They're opening up on ground floors of popular loft-style apartment buildings, or in downtown hubs where the average person can pop inside while walking their dog, and grab something for everyone.

Healthcare Environment Evolution

Similarly, the healthcare industry has shifted dramatically over the past five years. Outpatient clinics are popping up across the country, even in specialized medical areas like surgical outpatient clinics. 

Going to a stuffy doctor's office with bad artwork on the walls isn't the future of medicine. Dentists are doing dance numbers on TikTok, and have a cult following of people waiting to be seen by them. They aren't putting their faces on bus stop benches anymore, that's for sure (luckily, because that was a weird trend, to begin with.)

It's a whole new world out there when it comes to modern medicine. Medical Spas are opening up, alternative medicine like cryotherapy and chiropractic are having their moments because people are looking to improve their lifestyle, appearance, and overall health -- and aren't typically turning to the same doctor they've seen since high school or the one their parents go to. Take a look at one of our recent blogs to learn about more ways that the healthcare industry has changed in the New Year.

Change for the New Generation

Change is coming, whether we'd like to admit it or not. Retail will always be around but needs to be strategic in its new offerings to meet the needs and desires of future generations. Randal Retail Group has been on the front lines of change in retail for over 40 years. Our millwork and designs are sleek, modern, and classic, and currently be found in thriving chains across the country. 

We'd like to share our blueprint for success with you. Simply click below to see our quick and easy do's and don'ts of design.

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