The Evolution of the Health and Wellness Club

The health and wellness industry is always changing when the newest and trendiest craze swoops in. Randal Retail Group has been involved within this segment for over 40 years, and we’ve had the privilege of being involved in the evolution and change that the "typical" health club has gone through.

How It Started:

When we originally saw health clubs pop up, they were chock full of racquetball courts with lines for reservations, especially during the lunch hours. Then we saw hot tubs and steam saunas being added, for overall guest enjoyment. As group exercise became more popular with the beginnings of classes like Jazzercise and step aerobics, we saw massive amounts of space dedicated to those rooms with mirrored walls. Yet if you ask the average person how they exercise today, the chances are slim they’ll reply with “racquetball.” Group exercise classes have the ability to be streamed live inside the comfort of someone’s home, with speciality programs like Peloton or The Mirror. The health clubs we see today have seen it all, and are thriving because of their ability to adapt, overcome, and change with what the average consumer wants.


Where It's Going:

If you were to step foot inside a health and fitness facility in 2021, you’d be greeted with an entirely new experience. Childcare plays a big role. Kids activities are a driving force behind getting a family to invest in a membership. That can come in the form of swim lessons, rock climbing walls, youth sports programs, and also a fun daycare experience with elaborate play areas that a parent can feel good about dropping their excited child off for an hour. The ability to leave your child in a great program while taking a great yoga class is something that will sell many families on the community aspect.

Some clubs have pivoted their amenities too; they are offering juice or smoothie bars, tailored merchandise and retail, and even adding in full service salons where moms can use the childcare while getting a cut and color. On the flip side, the circuit pop ups have fizzled out and are being replaced by large heart rate high interval intensity training (HIIT) models, with the perfect marriage of intensity and technology. Warehouses are being converted into CrossFit gyms, and boxing gyms are getting a facelift and aren’t just for men anymore.

Through all of this, Randal Retail Group has been leading the change, and helping health and fitness gyms achieve their desired project look, using the right materials that are industry important to withstand the normal wear and tear, while also re-opening for anxious guests on time.

Our Randal team has seen it all come together over the last 40 years, and can’t wait to witness as new trends sweep across the nation. We’d love to talk about your goals, too. 

Schedule some time for a health & wellness review, where we can come up with some tailored solutions directly for your unique operation. Simply click the image below to begin.

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