Celebrating Our Factory Expansion!

As we continue to celebrate our 40th anniversary, we're still focused on change. In a good way! One change our entire team is excited about is our factory expansion.  From being able to have more items on hand to be able to expand our Randal Program, the extra space will allow us to continue to serve our customers in even better ways. 

More Space

Randal New Warehouse_inside

The main reason for our new warehouse? More space! Our current facility is 85,000 square feet and our new facility adds an extra 35,000 square feet to that capacity. This expansion of real estate will let us consolidate our kit packing center and set up mock store areas so customers can get a visual idea of what they're purchasing. In addition, a bigger warehouse lets us store more products, which means less of a wait for customers on supplies. Our goal is to always have items ready to help customers seamlessly build their business. 

No Downtime

Another great part? We're not moving, just expanding since the space next to our facilities became available. This means we don't have to pack up our current inventory, move it, and unpack, which would cause disruption to our customers. Instead, we leave everything where it is and have additional space to fill. 

It's All Ours

In times where some businesses are struggling, we're very grateful to be able to say that we are able to purchase our new warehouse space. In the past we were renting, which worked well.

"As our services continue to grow and evolve, it's the perfect time for Randal Retail Group to purchase warehouse space," said Vice President of Sales Chuck Bray. "This expansion not only helps the business, but we hope also helps enforce our commitment to the community, our customers, and our team members."

Could your retail design use the assistance of the Randal Program? Download our tip sheet and let's schedule some time to talk about how Randal Retail Group can help.

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