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Retail has gone through many changes in the last few years. For businesses to survive, they must understand the shifts that have happened, as well as what’s on the horizon. Randal Retail Group is a leader in helping retailers grow and adapt to the times.

Struggles Of Retail Construction 

In recent years, retail construction has met its share of challenges. First of all, construction faces over a half-million-worker shortage. There are fewer young people entering the field of construction, and many already in the workforce are approaching retirement age. 

It’s not only construction though. Labor shortages are affecting every industry and fewer workers are available in fields that construction relies on is another factor impeding retail construction. 

In addition to the workforce shrinking, supply chain issues have led to shortages of crucial building materials, delaying projects for many unexpected months. And construction has seen a drop off in spending throughout 2020 and 2021. In-person retail has significantly slowed during the last few years. The current rise in inflation is having an impact on construction rates as well. 

But even with what's trending in retail construction for 2022, growth is expected. 

Future of Retail Sales 

Despite the challenges ahead, construction for in-person retail spaces continues on. The National Retail Federation recently said that retail sales will grow to more than $4.86 trillion in 2022. In February 2022 alone, the average amount spent at quick-service restaurants was up 7.3% from last year

Adapting and remodeling retail spaces can help mid-sized stores and quick-service restaurants increase their profits. Digital technology continues to become more and more central to modern life. Retail spaces are seeing an uptick in the use of iPads for completing purchases, mobile pay, and flat-screen TVs for displays such as menus. 

How The Randal Program Can Help

Experts in retail construction for over 40 years, Randal creates retail spaces designed to entice customers to stay longer, make purchases, and be return buyers.

The Randal Retail Program is an all-in-one solution for retail construction. With consolodated construction needs, including custom fixture design, manufacturing, warehousing, fast shipment, and expert installation, a project manager oversees the process from beginning to end, ensuring businesses get exactly what they need.

Working with one direct service provider helps businesses handle their construction needs efficiently and save money. And unlike the frustration of working with general contractors that miss deadlines and go over budget, The Randal Program will ensure every step of a project is completed on time and on budget.  

In an effort to improve processes and reduce costs, Ulta Beauty was looking to redesign. They trusted Randal and opted for the services of the Randal Retail Program. 

Randal sourced and stored the enormous custom order, and delivered seven full truckloads of fixtures to every Ulta location. Because of Randal’s high standards of quality they provide to their clients, the delivery and installation went off without a hitch, and each Ulta location opened on time and on budget. 

Randal Retail Group is happy to provide the same high-quality work to retail businesses looking to build or update their locations. Randal offers many services, including custom design, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and installation.

Take the next step towards saving time,  money, and headaches during construction, and click below to learn more about the Randal Program.

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