Tips from the Shop: Protect Your Fixtures from Wear & Tear

Want to keep your store looking as shiny and new as it did on grand opening day? Michael Kunert, Randal Retail Group’s VP of Operations, shares his fool-proof measures to help protect fixtures from customer's feet, stroller tires and employee wear.

Use The Right Materials

In high-impact areas like cash wraps and interactive display tables, use 3mm radius edge-banding.

Protect Those Corners

Add corner protectors on vertical corners that are vulnerable to stroller or shopping cart traffic, especially those near doors and checkout lines. Materials like anodized aluminum, powder-coated metal and customized plastic extrusions are particularly effective – and can be color-matched so they’re practically undetectable.

Put In Heavy Duty Laminate

On cabinet doors or drawers, ABS plastic laminate or Kydex thermoplastic 3-D laminate will hold up better against scratching and peeling than standard laminate.

“We work with our customers in the design phase to identify areas where we can utilize special materials to extend the life of their fixtures and displays,” Michael says. “Our bulletproof Signature Laminate and standard dowelled and screwed joinery ensure every Randal piece is built to last.”

With these tips, your store will look as good as new, every day of the year!

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