The Recipe for a Successful Restaurant

Legendary restaurateur Charles Masson, formerly of iconic La Grenouille in New York City,  shared his five ingredients of a successful restaurant in a video by Bloomberg several years ago.

With lilting music, lush shots of a posh dining room, and intricate dishes, the advice was for the fine dining audience. But we definitely see lessons that can applied to the fast casual chain as well.

Five Ingredients of a Successful Restaurant

  • Food: It may sound obvious, but quality food is often overlooked on menus of varying price points. Beyond taste, how dishes are presented and served (even when they’re served to go!) set the mood too. In the quick-serve category, consumers have proven their willingness to spend a bit more for a better meal: Panera Bread, Shake Shack and Noodles & Co. are all examples of this.
  • Ambience: A beautiful, clean setting seduces all who pass through a restaurant’s doors. From lighting to décor, if your place is inviting, the customer will linger longer, spend more and return often.
  • Service: The best service is executed by listening to the customer and being attentive to their every need, and anticipating what they wants before it's asked for. In Masson’s world, that may mean an amuse bouche, compliments of the chef. In your quick serve world, it may mean free refills at the soda fountain.
  • Consistency: The challenge is attending to all the details with the same freshness each and every day. Say what you will about Subway, but they have consistency down pat. It’s a model every new concept must master if they expect to build a following.

  • Guest: The most important ingredient in any restaurant. Clean restrooms, friendly employees, comfortable seating, free wi-fi. The simple things go a long way towards making a guest feel like you put them first.

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