How To Plan Ahead To Help Avoid Construction Delays

Every project incurs delays while construction is going on. It doesn’t matter if it’s new construction or a remodel - small and large things can come up that could delay the completion of the project.

As businesses are getting back to routine and more projects begin to pick back up, there are sure to be even more delays with the labor and supply shortages that we’re seeing. Being prepared can help your project go off a little smoother. Here are some tips to help avoid construction delays and make things easier.

Keep Communication Open

With any large project, making sure that everyone you’re working with is on the same page through every step can help with any issues that may interfere with your lead time. Having your designer contact your construction team, who’s in contact with the warehouse and shipping team, can make sure all of the wheels are turning at the right points. Often, what can happen when there’s a lack of coordination is that the builders have completed your fixtures. But the warehouse is full for several days or even weeks, which can delay shipping times, pushing back your store or restaurant opening. An open communication plan can help avert these issues.

Plan Ahead

Delays happen. Even if those delays are minor, they will feel significant to you because it’s your project. But with a game plan put in place, you can help mitigate delays that will pop up while also helping your team deal with issues. And while some of the delays, like a shortage of supplies, can’t be avoided, having a plan on paper that you’ve worked out with your construction team can help you have a backup plan in place until things get back on track.

Don’t Skimp

Building out a new store or renovating an existing facility can feel overwhelming, especially when thinking about pricing. Construction costs from labor to materials and the cost of shipping have skyrocketed over the past year, which might make you consider cutting back or doing some things yourself. Using cheaper quality materials can end up costing you more in the long run when you have to replace them. And trying to leave out a contractor to save money can cause delays if you aren’t familiar with the construction process and could affect getting your permits approved. Costing you more delays and money. Working with a trained team will help you determine the suitable materials that work within your budget and branding. 

Use The Randal Program

Of course, everything can’t be controlled, and things are bound to come up on your important projects. The easiest way to deal with issues is to use the Randal Program. Your hands-on Project Manager from the concept of your health & wellness, retail, automotive, electronics, or restaurant business through the execution, shipping, and installation, the Randal Program lets you work with one team, have one contact person, and receive one bill. We can even help with site surveys and complete store build-outs. Helping you save time and money while making sure your installation is on track.

Ready to begin your retail build-out or remodel? Randal Retail Group can design, build, store, ship, and install custom displays and signage -schedule time to talk to one of our experts.

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