Randal Retail Group Can Solve Your Pain Points

We’ve been in the retail construction business a long time, so we know how complicated it can be to work with general contractors. When you are a national brand with stores spread across several locations, it can be difficult to keep the look and feel of your retail spaces consistent when you’re working with different contractors.

Randal Retail Group helps solve this problem for you by handling all of your design and build in one central facility, with delivery and setup to your multiple locations. This one-stop experience has led to many satisfied customers over the years who say:

  • We listen to our customers’ needs and implement their requests
  • When we say things will be done by a certain date, we’ll get the work done by that date, if not sooner
  • We show up on time
  • We’re transparent and accurate with budgets

While these may seem like typical expectations of any general contractor, anyone with construction experience knows that this isn’t always the case. At Randal Retail Group, we’re more than just general contractors. We are your single source for the design and build of branding experiences that will exceed your customers’ shopping expectations.

Some of the biggest complaints we hear from customers who work with general contractors are:

  • Lack of on-time delivery
  • Projects not being completed on-budget
  • Lack of brand consistency when working with multiple contractors and manufacturers across

We're your one-stop-shop designed to solve all those pain points you experience every time you work with a contractor. Once customers switch to Randal Retail Group, they see how seamless and easy the design and build experience can be.

We have the unique advantage of being your manufacturer and contractor, all in one. There is no longer a need to deal with multiple vendors; Randal Retail Group will produce each space to match your unique specifications, ship to every destination you need, and be at your location to coordinate the installation and completion of your project.

Whether you need custom seating for your fast-casual dining chain or custom-designed cabinetry for your front-of-house, we can produce the same product countless times with consistency, and provide you with options to keep your project within your budget.

Ready to find the Do's & Don'ts Of Retail Design for your next commercial project? Download our tip sheet to learn more. 


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